Product Features


🛍️ Real-time Shopping Assistance

🤝 Personalized Shopping Assistance: Enrich your customers' shopping experience with real-time, personalised guidance designed to meet their unique shopping desires and preferences.

📏 Product Guidance: Bestspoke product guidance to customers by matching with their preferences and interests.

💬 Real-time Recommendations: Personalized recommendations to upsell products based on customer activities.


🔎 Better Product Discovery using AI

🌟 Visual filters: Discover products using our industry-first visual filters that clearly understand what customers are looking for to show the best results, eliminating the need for multiple searches and filters.

🌈 Deep Searching: Our visual search doesn't just find items; it understands them, recognizing subtle variations to find the best results from product catalogs.

🔍 Detailed Comparisons: Compare products on a granular level, from texture to trim, ensuring your customers find exactly what they're looking for.


💬 Conversational E-commerce

🤝 Friction-less shopping experience: Our AI chatbot accompanies shoppers from initial inquiry to checkout, ensuring they seamlessly find and purchase what they are looking for.

🛒 Checkout Assistance: Reduce significant cart abandonment rate by addressing customer hesitations and questions in real time, guiding customers through a smooth checkout process.

🚀 Conversion-Focused Interactions: Every conversation is an opportunity — our AI is tuned to understand customer needs and nudge toward purchase decisions that feel natural and personal.