Product Features

Building better conversations with your customers using AI


Better Customer Experience

🀝 Personalized Assistance: Transform your customer service with a proactive assistant that intuitively understands and meets your customer's needs.

πŸš€ Boost Sales & Loyalty: Enhance customer interactions, driving increased sales and fostering long-term retention.

🧠 Your Sales-Driven Second Brain: Equip your business with an AI powerhouse, communicating seamlessly with customers to maximize sales opportunities.


Conversational E-commerce

Step into the future of online shopping with our AI-supercharged chatbot.

πŸ›οΈ Tailored Product Discovery: Our chat assistant understands your customer needs and guides them to purchase products they'll love.

πŸ” Efficient Comparisons: Through in-depth product evaluations, we help customers make the best choices every time.

⚑ Instant Responses: Prevent drop-offs due to waiting for response. Deliver immediate, round-the-clock answers to all shopping inquiries.

🌎 Multilingual Support: Our assistant speaks your language, making shopping a breeze.


Your new App in just 3 steps

πŸš€ AI-Powered Chat App: Engage in personalized conversations with your customers using your own white-labeled Chat App.

πŸ› οΈ Quick Integration: Using just 5 lines of code, implement a branded Chat Widget on your website ready to talk with your customers.

🧠 Hassle-Free Training: Equip your chatbot seamlessly by uploading product data and mediaβ€” akin to onboarding a fresh team member.