Product Features

With a human-centric approach in mind, we discuss ideas that people want, build apps that people love using and build relationships that people trust and everlasting!


Customer Management

Better understanding of your customers: Tap into the power of AI technologies to gain a deeper understanding of your customers' activities. Deliver personalized services that cater to their needs and effortlessly managing tailored interactions, all made possible with the utilization of ChatGPT..

Data-Driven Insights: Leverage our inbuilt dashboards to access valuable insights into customer behaviors. Uncover actionable data that enables you to deliver truly personalized services, enhancing the customer experience and driving business growth.


AI-powered E-commerce

Welcome to the new age of e-commerce enhanced with AI technologies.Step into the new shopping exeprience where every interaction is personalized to perfection.

Personalized Shopping Experience: Unleash the potential of our ChatGPT app and diverse communication channels. Gain profound insights into your customers' interests, enabling you to deliver a highly personalized and satisfying shopping journey tailored to their unique preferences.


Whitelabeled ChatGPT App & Chat Widget

Your Personalized Shopping Assistant: Elevate your brand with our installable web and mobile app (PWA) powered by ChatGPT. Experience the ultimate Personalized Shopping Assistant, delivering a seamless and personalized shopping experience to your valued customers.

Stay Connected and Engaged: Our ChatGPT app and chat widget serve as powerful tools to keep your customers engaged by providing comprehensive customer support services. They act as personal assistants, ensuring efficient and attentive assistance to meet your customers' needs with utmost care.


Invoicing and Data Dashboards

Automated Invoicing Streamline your financial processes with our robust online payment, invoicing, and refund modules. Enjoy seamless transactions and eliminate manual efforts.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Empower your business with valuable insights through our comprehensive data dashboards. Gain access to key metrics and analytics that will guide you in making informed decisions, propelling your business towards even greater success.