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Revolutionizing Online Shopping using Advanced AI


Real-time Shopping Assistance

Personalized product recommendations, support, and guidance throughout the shopping journey.


Better Product Discovery

Enhanced product discovery with our deep product search and visual filters using AI, helping customers find products seamlessly.


Conversational E-commerce

Conversations to conversions: Engage customers with personalized conversations that drive sales.

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Set Up and Launch in 3 Simple Steps

Sign Up & Brand Your App

Start by signing up. Customize and brand your shopping app to align perfectly with your business identity. No coding required.

Upload Your Catalog

Feed our AI with your product catalog. Our system learns your inventory to provide smart and personalized shopping assistance.

Launch Your Shopping App powered by AI

Go live! Introduce your customers to a new era of shopping with an AI assistant that's ready to engage.

Integrate Seamlessly

Connect with ease. Use our APIs and widgets to integrate AI assistant smoothly into your existing systems.


Advance to Next-Gen E-Commerce with BRIKS


Quick Setup

Get started in no time with just a few clicks. Our setup is straightforward, guiding you every step of the way—no coding required.


Easy Integration

Integrate our AI assistant into your website by adding just a a code snippet.


Open APIs for Integration

Customize your experience with full API access, allowing for tailored integrations that meet your business needs.


Third-Party Compatibility

Connect seamlessly with popular third-party platforms to enhance your e-commerce strategy.

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